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How can I put my Deep Zoom Image in Azure?

It has been a while now that Windows Azure got released and I have been exploring it for quite sometime too. Recently I had this burning desire to try Azure Blob storage and was going through some thoughts and then I decided- Would it not be great if I can compose a Deep Zoom image and deploy it... ... Read more >

Upgrading ScrumWall to Azure StorageClient

With the release of Azure, ScrumWall needed to be updated from the sample data access code to the new API. Cloud Storage Account The first change that we made was the addition of CloudStorageAccount to handle access to storage. Instantiating a storage account requires that a configuration set... ... Read more >

Silverlight Behaviors With DeepZoom

Behaviors and triggers are two cool features in Silverlight 3. They allow to declaratively associate and action with an event or property value. It is implemented as a combination of a Component + an attached property. The framework provides the logic of attaching/detaching behaviors. The behavi... ... Read more >

How to migrate ScrumWall to Azure in less than 20 minutes

This post should really be title: “how we (could have) migrated ScrumWall to Azure in less than 20 minutes”. But I’ll come on to that later. I’ve been speaking about Azure at a number of events recently. As part of the talks, I have given a quick overview of the developer... ... Read more >

Animated 3D Panels in Silverlight 3

Along with using the out of the box Grid, StackPanel, Canvas etc. in Silverlight 2 you could create your own custom panel types to perform arbitrary layout. With Silverlight 3 you can combine custom panels together with the PlaneProjection to layout elements in 3D space. I’ll show you how.... ... Read more >

Writing MS Office Documents from Silverlight 3

A few people have mentioned that Silverlight 3 still does not have print screen functionality. Here at Dot Net Solutions we don’t mourn this missing feature – no we revel in the opportunity.Silverlight 3 does now have a save file feature and this enables you to create far better solutions: You ca... ... Read more >

DeepZoom Extensions – MultiScaleSelection – Part 1

Progressive zoom is a technology provided by Deep Zoom, available in Silverlight as a MultiScaleImage . This enables Silverlight developers to render images with very large resolution whilst addressing performance constraints imposed by the client / server delivery model. MultiScaleImage does not... ... Read more >

How to get Silverlight Working in SharePoint

The example I’ve taken is using WSS 3 and Silverlight 2. You need to install following pre-requisites to create and deploy your silver light application to SharePoint site • .NET Framework 3.5 • WSS 3.0 SP1 (and MOSS 2007 SP1 of you are using MOSS 2007) • Visual Studio 2008 ... ... Read more >

Converting Existing Web Applications for use in Azure

When creating new Azure Web Roles, Visual Studio will automatically create a new project for your actual ASP.NET web application. While this is perfect for demos and short projects, most users will want to use an existing web application for Azure. However, if you try and add your existing web a... ... Read more >

Moving ScrumWall to the Windows Azure Platform (Part 2: Deployment)

Since we’ve deployed our ScrumWall application from a pure hosted solution to a cloud based application, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss how we went around moving and deploying the code to Azure. As Marcus has discussed the architecture of ScrumWall (Part 1) we’ll dive s... ... Read more >

Moving ScrumWall to the Windows Azure Platform (Part 1: the data)

Here at Dot Net Solutions, we have been developing a Silverlight version of a Scrum wall for a while now. We are advocates of both Scrum and XP for project delivery. You can read more about the project to date here: http://www.dotnetsolutions.ltd.uk/approach/scrumwall/. We are also keenly using ... ... Read more >

Silverlight Migration from Beta2 to RTM

As Silverlight 2 RTM is out, we have upgraded our Silverlight proof of concept application http://autopia.dotnetsolutions.ltd.uk/ from Silverlight 2 beta version. In this blog, I will try to explain my experience during the up-gradation process.As we are migrating our older code to the newer rele... ... Read more >