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ITPro: Dot Net analyses Wikipedia in the cloud

If proof was needed that Microsoft?s Azure cloud computing platform can handle gargantuan computing projects, it has been delivered, thanks to a British software developer. Wikipedia Explorer is an application developed by Windsor-based Dot Net Solutions as a proof of concept for high performance... ... Read more >

Wikipedia Explorer Video!

Na-Young Kwon from Microsoft France has made a cool video of the Wikipedia Explorer. http://blogs.msdn.com/nay/archive/2007/02/03/wpf-wikipedia-explorer.aspx Video here: http://soapbox.msn.com/video.aspx?vid=1e22a7cc-abe7-4d8d-bc3d-8713c53e9cb7 It didn't look like she had hardware acceleration ru... ... Read more >

Wikipedia Explorer

Merry Christmas everyone! We thought we would cook up a little WPF storm for the season. Please do let us know what you think as its pretty much a POC (thats a TLA for proof of concept by the way!). Personally speaking; I love the network visualizer control. I think it gives you a cluster view of... ... Read more >

3D Explorer

Hello fine people. I thought Kazi was going to start blogging on here by posting a link to one of our cool 3d WPF samples. To cut a long story short; he hasn't done it yet. So I will! If you are lucky enough to be running the July CTP of .NET 3.0 runtime components then you simply have to check t... ... Read more >

.NET 3.0 July CTP WPF

Quick heads-up on July CTP. Microsoft haven't released a Visual Studio Orcas Extensions for this CTP which means you won't be able to build or run your WPF projects. Damn! The good news is you can run the vsextwfx.msi with command line arguments that will skip the runtime check.vsextwfx.msi WRC_X... ... Read more >

Channel 9

Today the C9 video featuring Kazi and I was posted on Channel 9. We were interviewed for the first 10 minutes where I talked about WPF and did a product demo of our Legislation Application. This was filmed when we were invited for the Vista Ascend week in Redmond last month. It was incredibly ner... ... Read more >